Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Emergency Information


If your sugar glider is exhibiting any of the following, get to a veterinarian experienced in treating sugar gliders right away -- if you are unsure, take the glider to a vet. Lethargy, head hanging, ears down, severe shaking, weakness, not drinking, not eating, falling over, diarrhea, seizures, vomiting, sores, bleeding, hair loss, excessive sneezing. NOTE : It is very important that you take your sugar glider to a veterinarian experienced in treating sugar gliders. For instance, an IV should only be inserted subcutaneously. This is done by inserting the iv needle just under the skin usually on the back near the neck. Do not allow an emergency vet to attempt insertion of an IV directly into a sugar glider's vein.

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FKristy Smith said...

My suger glider somehomw got 2 infected toes she was on the brink of death. I sat up with her for 4 days straight and saved her, now her foot ls hard and looks like beef jerky and her tail fell off tonight!!!! What do i do??? I have no vet around here who does exoctic animals! I am a x- nurse so of course i treayed it, but what do i do now???¿