Monday, November 12, 2007

What Sugar gliders will need


1. Proper cage

should be at least 2x2x3 and should be taller than long. The larger the cage, the better. The cage should be constructed of vinyl or plastic coated wire with spacing no more than 1/2" between wires. The larger the cage the better. Always go for higher than wider. Don't purchase an aquarium to house your sugar glider (no place for them to hold on to the glass -- hard to hang toys).

2. Water Bottle (2)

You can use a gravity ball type.

3. An exercise wheel

I use Stealth and Wodent Wheels. However, there are several other safe exercise wheels out there. Please make sure you do not use a classic hamster wheel with a cross bar, as your glider's tail or worse may be caught in the cross bar resulting in injury or death.

4. Food dishes

There is a wide range of food dishes. You may use dishes that hook up high on the cage, but I prefer to feed out of plastic or ceramic cat dishes or similar low profile dishes on the bottom of the cage. Your glider will tend to sit on the edge of their dish to eat and it shouldn't tip.

5. Juice crock

I always provide a crock of diluted apple juice or Gliderade, or Gatorade with each meal. Again make sure they won't tip.

6. Pouches

You will need a fleece (or some other soft material) pouch or plastic box or tub for your glider to sleep in as well as a bonding pouch. Gliders love pouches and plastic nesting boxes where they can hide and sleep during the day. Always check your pouches for loose strings that can entangle and injure a sugar glider. If you don't get an immediate response, e-mail me directly as her computer goes down sometimes.

7. Toys, toys, toys!

Sugar gliders are intelligent little animals and they need stimulation. Your glider will grow to love you and play with you, but they still need toys to play with when you are not with them. Bird toys make great sugar glider toys, so do plastic baby chains and plastic vines. (Plastic vines from dollar store work well as long as there are no wires) Check out my "Valuable Links" page for more information on toys.

8. What you absolutely do not need is a heat rock.

Heat rocks have caused serious injuries and in some cases death to sugar gliders. Here in Arizona, we are warm the majority of the year. If your home temperature falls below 72 degrees, you may want to consider getting a ceramic heat emitter for your sugar gliders.

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