Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Health Concerns


Blindness / Cataracts

In another article in the August 1994 issue of Exotic Market Review Linda Watkins told about her discovery that overweight mothers can produce offspring that have white eyes, or white spots "floating" in their eyes. The ones with white eyes were completely blind. Her vet determined that the white was fat buildup, and she felt it is probably due to too much fat in the mother's diet.
In a July 1995 article she also talked about babies born with "white" (no black tip) tails. For some reason, these babies seemed to develop cataracts when they get older. Linda found that feeding the parents diluted (half water) carrot juice every day until the baby was weaned seemed to help prevent the cataracts from developing. The babies were given the carrot juice until at least a month after weaning.

UPDATE : There are subspecies of gliders (Petaurus breviceps ariel, I believe) that have white-tipped tails. I doubt it was really linked to blindness, more likely her gliders had some ariel bloodlines!

I've seen paintings of three subspecies, in an old old book owned by another breeder. One of them was more tan in color, with yellowish undersides, and one had white-tipped tails. The third looked more like the gliders we have. My friend was so intrigued when she first saw the book that she actually traveled to Indonesia to see the gliders there. She told me she saw many different subspecies of sugar gliders. Ours are probably a mixture, so it's not surprising that oddities like white-tipped tails and tan gliders crop up once in a while.

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Anonymous said...

I have a Question, a 1 year old female sugar glider was given to my wife and I and has become a entertaining addittion to our family, My question is she has developed a small bald spot above her right eye on top of her head. we wash her beding regularly and it doesnt appaer to bother her and it isnt disclored or a open sore she hadit when she came to us any thoughts? our email is she is such a sweet gentle thing and my cat is scared to death of her. she sure makes a big sound if disturbed.

faiezishak said...

i have a same problem with my sugar a sudden moment my sugar had a cataracts on his right eyes.
yesterday i checked his eyes but noting seeing like that. but today hes got like a white layer on his eye.its like full layer and make his eye bulging.please help me....

kcplayboy said...

i need help my male suger glider riped open my females but of her shoulder we moved him out of the cage into a diffent one and there is no one in my state treats sugar glider